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Technology For The Pet Industry

No matter which way you turn, 360Pet has solutions to make your job easier. With tools to optimize all your business relationships, 360Pet makes it easy to work with your customers, suppliers, accountants, veterinarians, breeders and employees.

What Makes 360Pet Unique

In use within the Pet Industry are hundreds of different POS systems, camera surveillance tools, signage solutions, eCommerce sites, training tools and catalogs. However, 360Pet is the first and only to combine all the above into an integrated digital solution. Below is a list of the amazing things you can do with 360Pet currently or in the very near future.
  • Show customers pictures of cross sell and up-sell items at the POS
  • Search for thousands of products across multiple supplier catalogs
  • Automatically update prices within your POS system based upon parameters you create
  • Take special orders at register and have items drop shipped customer
  • And much more...

How 360Pet Solutions Increase Store Revenue

360Pet Solutions were designed by Pet Industry veterans who understand your unique needs. Below is a sample list of ways 360Pet can help you or someone you know grow topline revenues.
  • Automatically update prices based upon parameters you create to maintain margins
  • Closing special orders at register and ship for free to customers with no extra cost to store
  • Virtual Salesperson terminals provide suggestive ads to in store customers
  • Digital Advertising space can be sold to local veterinarians, groomers or pet trainers.
  • Pictures and item descriptions at register help employees promoting cross sells and up-sells
  • And much more...

How 360Pet Solutions Reduce Expenses

360Pet Solutions were designed by Pet Industry veterans who understand your unique needs. Below is a sample list of ways 360Pet can help you or someone you know reduce expenses and become more profitable.
  • A Digital Surveillance investment is recovered within 6 months, according to the SBA.
  • MultiStore POS linked to Industry Catalogues saves at least 10% on annual purchases.
  • Catalog Database saves an averages store thousands in inventory set-up and maintenance.
  • Improved efficiency and speed reduce hundreds of hours a month in wasted labor.
  • And much more...

360Pet's Proven 3 Step Install Process

360PET understands you don't buy and install technology every day like we do. That's why we have a proven three step process to help you evaluate, implement and use the 360PET technology. Below are some of the ways 360Pet ensures you are successful.
  • Evaluate - Before you can successfully install a 360PET solution you need to determine what 360PET solutions are right for your store. 360PET offers free web demos where you can test drive solutions and discuss how best to configure the systems within your store. During the evaluation process 360PET will help you develop an implementation plan that addresses data migration, hardware configuration, training and a go-live plan. Additionally, 360PET will help you determine if onsite technical assistance is required and what is the best ongoing technical support plan for your needs and budget.
  • Implement - The 360PET implementation process involves remote configuration tools and multiple web training sessions to ensure your data and configuration is perfect before you go live. This process is nearly transparent to store employees and ensures a smooth transition to the 360PET solutions. While most implementations can be handled remotely; technicians can be scheduled for onsite installations and trainings as well.
  • Use - 360PET offers regularly scheduled free web training sessions for all customers. Additionally, 360PET has customer support available 24 hours a day for 7 days a week if necessary to support you business.

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