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Don't Get Caught Without Fuel To Run Your Business

Cars need fuel and businesses need data. Electronic information is the fuel needed to optimize POS systems, eCommerce sites, Special Order Systems, and Handheld Programs. Nobody provides higher octane fuel for the Pet Industry than 360PET.

What Makes The 360Pet Industry Database Unique

360PET's exclusive database is the most complete collection of pet industry information available anywhere. The data is constantly updated and provides access to almost any item in the industry. The database contains more than simple descriptions since pictures, long descriptions and other data is available for most items. All of this information helps stores close sales on the spot rather than having to call the customer back later with a price.

Fuel For POS Systems

360Pet combines vendor catalogs into a simple easy to use format. You no long need to look up products from multiple catalogs when you are creating a set-up or doing a special order. The system will allow you to look up each and quote your retail price on the spot. Would you like to ship it directly to the customer? We can do that to with up to date freight quotes. 360Pet is so smart that it will even break apart that order into PO.s for each vendor. No one has ever made it this easy before!

Fuel For Websites

360PET creates eCommerce sites for customers and then processes the orders as well. This is made possible because of the 360PET Database.

Fuel For Special Orders

Special Orders are a snap with 360Pet. With old systems you had to create an item in your system or manually create a PO. 360Pet allows you to create PO.s for items that you don.t even stock with no extra work. Best of all, your retail price is current so you don.t have to worry about losing margin due to outdated catalogs.

Fuel For Handheld Programs

360PET handheld programs can utilize this data which allows sales staffs to be more effiecient. Placing orders in the field that are directly uploaded to the system of both the supplier and store. Re-orders come in immediately due to auto-creation of new stock items from the Exculsive Pet Industry Database.

Enabling Suppliers To Be More Efficient

Distributors & Manufacturers that work with 360Pet save money. There is no other system that cuts OPEX more than 360Pet. Some of the most unprofitable areas can be controlled and even become profitable. Special Order no longer require that a Customer Service Rep or Sales Person is involved. 360Pet can electronically submit these orders to any participating vendor. The up to date catalogs ensure that store are more effiecient. And the stronger the stores are the more suppliers benefits.