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Financial Services

Our flexible and convenient leasing/financing solutions are designed to give retailers the ability to stay current with the most innovative technology solutions with no upfront costs. Leasing can ensure a more rapid return on your system investments and conserve working capital, while also preserving lines of credit.

Why Lease?

Conserve Capital

With leasing you can acquire needed equipment without depleting capital that could be used for other business purposes. Therefore, productive assets can be obtained for the purpose of earning profits for your business when internal capital for purchasing equipment is not available.

Additional Credit

A lease can be viewed as another line of credit since it does not use up a company’s existing bank lines. This opens up a new source of credit for current and future needs.

Fixed Rate Financing

Lease payments are fixed at the beginning of the lease for the entire term, and will not increase as many loans do over time. Fluctuations in market rates have no impact. Therefore budget and cash-flow planning is easier.

Total Package Financing

Finance all of your requirements in one low monthly payment, including hard and soft costs:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Training
  • Networking
  • Delivery
  • Installation and Programming
  • Service and Support
  • Any Other Needed Components

Technical Freedom

Leasing minimizes the risk of obsolescence so your business will stay current with the latest technology. Also, upgrades and add-on options are available to maximize the equipment you already have.

Use vs. Ownership

In most cases, it is the use of the equipment, not its ownership, which is the important element in its value to a business. Due to obsolescence, the additional costs of ownership become unjustified. Therefore, the flexibility of leasing allows for upgrading equipment during the lease or replacing it at the end of the lease.


Leasing allows a business to stretch its budget by spreading the costs over time. This allows an increase in your business’ buying power anywhere from 200-300%.

Tax Benefits

Unlike a loan payment, a lease payment may be tax-deductible for your business as an operational expense. Consult with your accountant for further review.

Easy Administration

Fast Approval Process. Simple Documentation. Dedicated Support. Convenience.