Schedule a demo today! Overview was created by 360Pet and launched on November 16, 2009. and its sister site, provide the perfect combination of services for retailers, shelters and veterinarians. These offerings help ensure that pet owners have all the tools needed to properly train their pets and recognize behavioral issues before they become so serious that the pet is left at a shelter. It also provides additional support when a pet is lost. Members can activate the Pet Alert System and send notices to surrounding veterinarians, shelters, retailers and consumers within minutes of contacting us.

Did you know that our database contains more than 21,000 veterinarian emails, 10,000 pet supply stores, and 15,000 shelters. In addition to that, we add thousands and thousands of users everyday as we bring on new veterinarians, shelters, and retailers.

When you become a participant of the recovery system we will enroll all of your previous customers for FREE!!! This is a great service for the client and builds tremendous goodwill for your clinic, shelter, or store

Retailers: When you call make sure you ask how you can sponsor your local animal shelters with this program and build your customer base!

Shelters: Find out how we can help match you with a local pet store and you can offer training services and recovery services with all of your adoptions. Let us tailor our program to your individual process and remind the public that shelters work on local donations.

Veterinarians: Find out how you can add and AKC Recovery Services to your practice today by calling 1-888-973-8911. has partnered with the American Kennel Club's Companion Animal Recovery Service (AKC-CAR) to bring you the most advanced pet recovery system available. AKC Companion Animal Recovery (AKC-CAR), an affiliate of the American Kennel Club, is the nation's largest not-for-profit pet identification and 24/7 recovery service provider. With millions of pets enrolled, hundreds of thousands of pets have been recovered through the service. Founded in 1995, AKC-CAR makes donations annually for veterinary student scholarships and manages the AKC-CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund, which provides grants for search and rescue teams and also provides donations for natural disaster relief.

Ordering Microchips and Scanners distributes AKC microchips and scanners.

These items are available on the website. Contract pricing is available and we have some great starter kits! You may also call our order line at 1-888-973-8911 and selecting option 3.