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Increase Profits

Industry studies show POS systems increase retail sales by an average of 16% per year, while decreasing expenses an average of 13% per year!

Power, Speed and Flexibility at the Point-of-Sale

In one or a hundred checkout lanes the easy-to-grasp screens deliver faster, smoother sales. The customizable POS screen shows item pictures and suggest up sell and cross sell items. Cashiers make fewer mistakes. Lines go fast. Tricky transactions - layaways, returns, partial payments, mixed tender - all become easy.

Sample List of Benefits

  • Serve others while keeping a stalled transaction "on hold".
  • Sell and track any product such as livestock or any service such as aquarium repairs.
  • Process payments, layaways and special orders.
  • Accept multi-tenders -- credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards.
  • Keep selling even when your network is down.
  • Instantly check stock and locate it within the store or another location.
  • Put items on back orders for future deliveries from the POS.
  • Build rapport and up sells, using customers' buying histories.