Schedule a demo today! Overview was created by 360Pet and launched on November 16, 2009. MyPet and its sister site, provide the perfect combination of services for retailers, shelters and veterinarians. These offering help ensure that pet owners have all the tools needed to properly train their pets and recognize behavioral issues before they become so serious that the pet is left at a shelter. It also provides additional support when a pet is lost. Members can activate the Pet Alert System and send notices to surrounding veterinarians, shelters, retailers and consumers within minutes of contacting us.

Did You know that the email program sends new pet owners a series of emails over the first 15 months of ownership?

These emails deal with all the common issues new pet owners face. The program also includes an initial 21 day email campaign that delivers an email everyday with tips, advice and training information.

Participants in the program also receive free accounts for their clinic, shelter, or store. This information can be used to help clients who have questions or printed out for them to take as a reference. Of course you can also call at 1-877-776-9738 with training or behavior questions. Our lines are staffed with Pet Specialists, Licensed Vet Techs, and Veterinarians. Calls are escalated as needed so that your questions can be answered. If needed, we offer behavioral work-ups with veterinarians that specialize in animal behavior.(The veterinarian will consult directly with the pet owner's veterinarian after they have completed the behavioral work-up)

Employment is a new company but the staff that supports are some of the best. If you are interested in joining our team then please contact us at 1-877-776-9738. Please send your resume to